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At InstaViral, we believe in the power of customer feedback, and welcome all reviews from you. We say "Yes" to constructive criticism and wholehearted approval. If you are new to InstaViral this is the page where you learn how we help Instagram accounts grow and what users like you think of us. Meet the InstaViral team here.

" I'm a fashion designer who buys a full promo pack from time to time. Specifically, followers helped me look credible enough to find a sponsor for my brand. Instaviral is working, hands down.”

Madi fashion designer

"Frankly, I'm new to this service and hope to get the same results as others who shared stories. I've tried a couple times and can see a slight increase in views. Not nearly as big as I wished but I'm positive it'll work. Fingers crossed.”

Soraya musician and singer

"I really like the speed followers come in. As if a few people discover your profile, then share to a few friends, and then, unexpectedly an algorithm decided to give profile a bump ha-ha”

@marcheloskey entrepreneur

"Our company profile has tripled in size which has a positive influence on reputation, and we see more customers following us on Instagram. I think this partnership is long-term”

Alissa Millard makeup artist

"Hard to get how you send followers, but those 1k are on my profile. Thank you.”

Mozes Creative Solutions

"Nice tool, I see you work on UX. Took me less than a minute to buy fans. ”

Audrey Spielberg Instagram user

"Quality is superb and discounts best! No drops so far Thank you viral friend 😛”

Donte love from Kenya

"I'm a huge InstaViral fan, and how can I not be if my sponsored paychecks have doubled since I'm using this service? By the way, of all offers I use Insta likes most, well actually autolikes:)”

Kam photographer

"LOVE InstaViral! Cool people, always responding to queries, and never treat you like a moneybag.”

@Doris G dermatologist

"I looked up the profile of people who liked me and they look real. Some of them have more posts than me LOL Speed is also okay. I think I'll buy more likes or auto likes for next Ig campaign.”

O. Sharif India

"It is so easy now. I hope to get 1m or more likes by fall.”


"Fastest delivery I've seen in months! Real quick and still safe…”

Rob Turner social media manager

"It is so rewarding to see videos finally getting viewed. I struggled a lot before ordered and have no regrets for now. I'll update my review if I feel frustrated so I'm watching you”

Skippy influencer

"We had an inspiring 150% increase in organic views on the last campaign for which the Instagram views, likes, and custom comments were bought. Just from the ad but at half our budget.”


"“Thank you InstaViral! fully satisfied with my views and coming for more:)”

Marcelo photographer

"“Hats off for speedy views. Overall the best service you could get for your money”

O. Sharif India

"So these really are best views so i got no drops in months before it was a pain in a***””

Robby Stan

"Fastest delivery I've seen in months! Real quick and still safe…”


"I have been using InstaViral for quite a few years now and never left a single comment. Privacy matter and why comment when everything runs smooth kind of staff, you know. So feel ashamed because this service deserves a shoutout from an old fellow..”

Jack Philippines

"Custom comments are quick and affordable, and don't have to write all them myself (!) time savier. Thank you”

Cosette makeup artist

"I saw no engagement so I tried ig comments. Freakingly easy. use it till these days”

Shalia Istagrammeer

"Custom comments are better than you write them yourself! Well thought and no repetition plus quick”

Albert hair stylist

"All's good but actually custom comments can be a lot cheaper so a point here to improve, guys (4 stars)"

Aaron blogger

"Buy both random and custom and frankly cannot see any difference except price. so buy any.”


"InstaViral is helping me influence app algorithm. My average views count tripled in the past few months as I have been getting auto likes.”

Namu K-pop artist

"I recommend InstaViral autolikes to every post and whenever you busy or tired and feel like not pulling a credit card, you know. I like ordering for 10 posts, it is ideal for me. You should try it too.”

Amal creator from UK

"Auto likes are seemless. You order for posts and upload and the likes are there… Truly appreciate dedicated support team who remain in chat for hours to solve our issues”

Marion Instagram model

"Got my likes instantly. It's a true fast service 😍s”

@manciryl fashion blogger

"Awesome! My posts and profile now on fleek”

Mindy from Philly

"Discounts really get more likes for less. Also liked this X-posts thing.”


"Multiplications are best feature of Instaviral! I got 3X more views cuz I had 3 Stories, and they did not split up the views count for 3????!!!!!! It's so damn cool! 200% vote FOR”


"I'm a frequenter at InstaViral and tried all views, likes, and rest. So I feel entitled to suggest you look no further. Although it is my personal choice and yours can be different.”


"Never thought Story views can be bought in minutes. 5 stars for your service”

Mike Sabio designer

"Delivery is smooth, ordering simple, and support awesome. Hope the results will be too.”


"Just checked analytics and saw new users viewing my Stories. Looks like views work”


"I love how the views are distributed to all Stories for a little boost to all of them :D.”


"Reels are best in terms of engagement, and Reel views are best in terms of views. Or I don't know anything about the Insta app despite wasting my life there lol”

Mia Insta enthusiast

"I was referred by a friend, bought a few times views for Reels, saw more people viewing and liking them and now I'm addicted! The only minus is a slow speed which should be improved.”

Vince California

"Reels are working like magic for my Insta shop:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”

Jill Stockton

"I tried the views for the first time and now have twice as many as I purchased.”

Monica Mone' model

"InstaViral services has landed me a contract with a modeling agency I could only dream of)”

Lena Sh.

"You were real quick on delivery and so far I have no complaints about views”

Marco writer and novelist

"The views jumped up my IGTV. Ordered only 1k but now have over 5k. I was concerned if that is healthy for but support assured this organic traffic may come from suggestions on Explore page.”

Jean Pole Ig user

"I got a little extra I understand, but you can do better and further offer discounts on big orders like mine. I may need for my other posts and order often but won't be able to afford as many as I need.”


"I hope my IGTV views will come as quick as other services 😜 For now, you are 5/5

Greg Peck Maldives

"I really enjoyed fast promotion from Instaviral io its discounts and how they treat customers”


"IGTV views are quick and stable. No drops so far and my content receives way more views”

Big Ben

"Whenever I need anything for Insta I shop here. Most reliable and private service with coolest people.”

Mrs. X

"For sure impressions act as invisible booster, plus reach is supplied together with impressions. Everyone should try, although if you think it works the next day you better not to. I buy everytime no complains so far. My posts get viewed and it saves a ton of time.”

Ivory Eye Bulgaria

"To buy Insta impressions was truly fair . i see increased profile visits, some posts got on Explore.”


"I do not understand how this whole thing works yet and why I'm spending money on it, but at least I see improvements in the Analytics and hope it'll bear bigger fruits soon:)”

Ginger Denmark

"Complete privacy is the best feature of this service. I'm a model and promote Ig posts often”

Lyn Sky Italy

"Reels are working like magic for my Insta shop:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”

Maja travel vlogger

"Thank you for best customer support. Really, other services must take example form you <3”

Juan S. Lovet

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