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Do you want to get free Instagram views for your video? InstaViral is having a free trial on Instagram views. Any Instagram user is welcome to try our non-drop views without a survey, credit card info, or a password.
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Why Choose InstaViral

In the last 15 months InstaViral has safely supplied over 2 000 000 Instagram views for free. Among our free trial users are new users, small businesses, and micro-influencers who tried free views before buying any. For good reason getting views through trial is among the most frequently requested services on InstaViral. To meet the demand for non-drop Instagram views from real users, InstaViral has limited the number of views to 500/order.

Yet, unlike other services which ask for surveys or other verification tasks, our users will get free Instagram video views. No password or app installs are also asked to order views. As InstaViral, we feel that the users' biggest concern is safety and privacy of their accounts. With no sensitive information and surveys or tasks what have you got to lose?

How Can I Get Free Instagram Views

Are you doing everything to increase video views with no result? There are viewer apps, free trial websites, Instagram views giveaways, and more ways to get more views on Instagram. Because you are already here, looking into possible ways makes sense, right? If we are to group those ways, getting views online and through apps would be how we approach it.

There are no hard and fast rules to get views free, and almost all view providers have to be screened before ordering any views. If you are interested in getting free views on Instagram the safe way, take a quick look at  the two most common ways of boosting post views for free.

Free Instagram views online

Much like followers or likes, you can get free Instagram views online. These are the services, typically websites, which offer a set number of Instagram views to users. Some of them would require to complete human verification, a survey, or watch ads and get points to exchange for free views.

There are also few real views services which can supply the promised 1000 free Instagram views. It is likely that even after you complete the necessary tasks you see that the service does not serve in your country/region. Also, free views generators will send fake views which might get you suspended.

Also, because getting IG views online would mean no direct app downloads, be suspicious when a website is asking to provide a password or connect your Instagram account. This usually means that the website is collecting sensitive data for personal gains. 

With that said, free Instagram views online have some positive sides to it.

No password

Unlike Instagram viewer apps, which are also discussed below, free views generator websites will not ask for your password, or login. This is because the views are delivered from other accounts (on real services), and do not require anything except for a URL video link. 

No password or even the email with which you log into Instagram account should be provided to any website. This could result in you being locked out of your account.

 No survey

We all want a quick fix with the X number of Instagram free views no survey. Typically a website which offers views free will at least have ads or paid services to compensate for "no survey". Surveys are a common source of revenue for bigger websites with a number of users. For every completed survey a site owner gets a few cents, which can be spent on delivering real views. 

In case with "unlimited IG views no surveys or ads" the whole idea of real and safe views becomes a little suspicious.

Free trial

Free Instagram views trial is perhaps the safest way to get free views online. A "no-strings-attached" trial will not require any billing details and send quality views for free. The downside is that a trial is only valid for a certain time(a week, month, etc.) and will offer the minimum number of views for your post.

That said, if you want Instagram views that are permanent, a free trial is a good choice to make. Just beware when credit card details are asked. These are usually to charge you once the trial is over.

 Free Instagram views app

Free Instagram views apps, or viewer apps, work as other likes and followers apps, tracking who has viewed your profile so you could view their profile and/or send DMs. Thus, a true free Instagram views app that sends you free views does not exist. And Instagram analyzers and view trackers, while helpful may not be what you are looking for.

The other small fraction of viewer apps will work similar to a follow/unfollow method when connecting Instagram to the app, it will emulate viewer actions on random profiles. The logic is that when somebody views your video, you are likely to check their profile and content.

Here's a brief overview of both Android and iOS applications for free Instagram views.

Android APK 

To get video views for Instagram through a mobile app, you could do a Google search or go to Google Play and type a query into the search bar. Either way Instagram video views Android apk are few, and a thorough search for the best of the apps on Google Play brings a few apps to analyze and track who viewed your profile.

Google search, however, suggests a few more applications which promise thousands of free views on Instagram. Again, with previous tips in mind, you should check app reviews, the time of the last update, and of course, the developer's website. Because the average app gets frequently updated, a free views app should be updated not less than 1 year prior.

For iOS

You can be sure, there is not a single free Instagram views app in the App Store that will get you 1000 free views (or even 100) in a click. This is not to discourage you but to save time. Since such apps would use illegal scripting to store user data, and possibly, exploit their accounts, Apple does not allow any free generators.

On the flip side, larger websites offering free Instagram video views may still have apps for both Android and iPhones available on their websites. If you cannot see any information about available apps, you should check the footer area, or contact support for more information.

Why InstaViral is the best 
Free Instagram Views Provider

With all that said, it's time to see why InstaViral is the best website to get free Instagram views. To start off, InstaViral is a premium Instagram service with free and paid likes, followers, views for creators and businesses. With a wide network of partner sites and social media users, InstaViral is able to supply real Instagram views matching posts to user interests. All partner users are rewarded for liking, following, or viewing someone's content, and thus, are interested to like, follow, or view as many accounts a day as they can. This guarantees the views are real and will not drop "the other day".

To minimize user risks, InstaViral does not collect any sensitive information about a user, such as a password, card details, or login credentials. Because we do not have any paid subscriptions, no credit cards are necessary to try free views on Instagram video. 

Better yet, InstaViral has its quick order tool which perfectly works on any screen size and device: mobile, tablet, or PC. There are only 3 steps to get free views on trial. What are you waiting for?

 How To Use InstaViral

Want to know how to get views on Instagram videos with InstaViral? Follow the steps below to get your first 500 free views. It should take 1-2 minutes to order. And if you need more, you can always buy Instagram views with our all-time discounts.
Step 1:  Enter a username and an email address and hit "Confirm".
Step 2:  From the video posts shown, select one and click "Order".
Step 3:  We queue it for delivery. You can order again in 24 hours.
Note,  you can only choose once in 24 hours. If you order Instagram views free, free likes/followers can only be chosen after the 24 hours have passed since your last order.

Is Free Instagram Views from 
InstaViral Safe?

Yes, InstaViral has a 100% safe completion rate, which means that all views will safely appear on posts. While 500 free Instagram views is not a big number, it is enough to get the ball rolling. More importantly, this is a safe amount of views for new and less active profiles with little engagement. 

Getting free or paid InstaViral views you do not risk being suspended or blocked since the views are real and of 
high quality. They will stay on Instagram video for a lifetime of it. The only difference between the paid and free Instagram views is the quantity. Because of the high demand for free IG views, we cannot offer anyone more than 500 views/day. Yet, buying views helps you get the desired number of post views without waiting for your next turn to come

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get fake views 
on Instagram?

Fake views on Instagram are views generated by bots. Because of that, getting fake Instagram views can result in profile suspension or shadowban. There are many apps and websites that send fake views for free. Yet, you will be asked to complete a few surveys or other verification tasks and, in some cases, connect your TikTok account to the app.

Are free ig views from
real people?

Yes, our views come from real and checked Instagram accounts who were offered an incentive to view certain video posts on Instagram. Some of them are active users of the Instagram app eager to find interesting content, some use their account only for viewing and liking. Yet they are all coming from different IPs, devices, genders, and ages.

How can I get 1000 views on
 Instagram for free?

InstraViral gives away free views on Instagram videos in limited amounts. Because of our commitment to ad-free service and no surveys or verification, we can only provide 500 views per order. It takes only 2 orders  to get 1000 views on Instagram for free. Practice shows that you do not have to get the exact amount as views appear organically too.

How can I get a link to
 my Instagram video? 

You can get the URL link from an Instagram video in 2 steps. Step 1: Log into your Insta account and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner above the post. You will see multiple options. Step 2: Tap Copy Link above the post, and you are done. The steps work for both video and photo posts. Get the link and hand it over to InstaViral to get free views.

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