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Why buy Instagram Reels views

Reels is a relatively new feature on Instagram, and thus, less used than Stories, live videos, or IGTV. Initially released as Instagram's response to TikTok, a viral video sharing app, Reels are quickly gaining popularity.  It's short 15-second nature is fun to play with and the sounds and effects library is already loved by thousands of Instagram influencers around the world. 

When you buy Instagram Reels views you have one more chance to boost profile engagement and reach even more users.

Most viewed and liked Reels will get on the Instagram Explore page and gain even more views.

Just like IGTV views, Reels views are permanent because Reels themselves stay on your profile.

Unlike Stories which can only be shared with followers or select DM group members, Reels will appear on the profile under Reels tab, and can be found on the Explore page if your account is public.

To new viewers, Reels views are indicators of how interesting your video is (unlike Stories, Reels are always videos), and will help you build a strong Instagram presence that popular accounts have.

Customize experience with InstaViral 

Why would you want to buy Instagram Reels views with InstaViral? Is it the price that's lower than the donut or a year-round discount on all orders? How is InstaViral better than dozens of similar websites?

🔴  For more than 7 000 Instagram users, InstaViral is a custom solution for Reels views and likes, post comments, profile followers, and the way to Instagram growth. 
🔴  At InstaViral, you set your own amounts of Reels views. We do not have any pre-set packages or monthly subscription plans, so you buy what you need only.
🔴   Reels views is only one of the services we offer. If you need you can add likes, comments, or followers to your order or skip at all.
🔴   Depending on what number of Reels views you buy you get a discount. The maximum discount on big orders is 50%, and the minimum starts with 11%. Discounts are storewide and apply to all our services.
🔴  Multiple payment methods for customers from various parts of the world. Of course you can buy Instagram Reels views with PayPal, Visa, American Express, Chase, MasterCard, and all other major cards. We also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay, and cryptocurrency coins. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Reels views
 on Instagram? 

Yes. Not only Reels views but you can also buy Reels likes at InstaViral. We offer authentic Reels views from unique viewers with different IPs and devices used. Better yet, because Reels will not disappear like Stories in 24 hours, buying Reels views you get permanent views with no drop or decrease and guaranteed refill at no additional cost. To make a purchase no password or login access is needed, just the username. All this with flexible discounts for first-time and returning customers. 

Will I get banned if I buy
 Instagram Reels views?

No.Although it depends on where you get views from. A common mistake new accounts often make is to look for an instant delivery. Such delivery promises that views will quickly show up on the Reel with no delays in order completion. Deciding where to buy Instagram Reels views you should focus more on organic speed than instant delivery. Other than that, no concerns if you can get banned for buying views for Reels. Thousands of influencers and businesses get Reels views without ban or suspension, why would you?

Can I buy Reels views with PayPal?

Yes. Payment processors InstaViral works with accept PayPal payments. To buy Instagram Reels views with PayPal select one of the packages from the pricing table above.On the product page, you will see more options to buy and should leave the URL link to your Reel. Then, complete the checkout. Once the transaction is approved, we will immediately process your order and start the delivery. All major credit cards(any card of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) and cryptocurrency are also accepted.

When will I see Reel 
views coming?

The standard delivery time is 1-2 hours, but many customers get Reels views in about half of that time. Because of the automated order processing and delivery Reels views from InstaViral are one of the fastest on the market. Customers are notified via email on every step of the process. So, not only will you see Reels views increasing until the order is fulfilled, but also get notificatfied when the delivery is in progress. If you are experiencing order issues, or worried about its completion reach out to [email protected] 

Who should buy Ig 
Reels views?

Anyone who needs a boost for their Reels can buy Instagram Reels views. Due to the algorithm favoring Reels with more views and engagement, buying views regularly increases Reels visibility and ensures a steady organic growth of the profile. InstaViral works with personal and business accounts from around the app and helps them get more Instagram views on Stories and Reels, IGTV and regular posts quickly. This leaves you more time to plan your marketing strategy, record and upload the content, and engage with your audience.

How do Reels work on Instagram?

Clearly, Reels are the Instagram way of doing TikToks. Instagram Reels allow users to record a series of clips, or a single one, 15-30 seconds long, or to upload them from device media library. In a way this short-form video content is similar to Instagram Stories but has its own algorithm (close to regular posts). Most viewed and liked Reels appear on the Explore page leading to more interactions, new viewers and more likes. Also, unlike short-lived Stories, Reels are auto-saved under a Reels tab on the profile page.

What our customers says

Over 2k photographers, graphic designers and artists, Instagram models and business owners, life coaches, musicians and bloggers choose InstaViral to grow their Insta profiles. 


 Insta enthusiast
Reels are best in terms of engagement, and Reel views are best in terms of views. Or I don't know anything about the Insta app despite wasting my life there lol.


I was referred by a friend, bought a few times views for Reels, saw more people viewing and liking them and now I'm addicted! The only minus is a slow speed which should be improved.


Reels are working like magic for my Insta shop:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

Monica Mone' 

I tried the views for the first time and now have twice as many as I purchased.

Lena Sh.

InstaViral services has landed me a contract with a modeling agency I could only dream of)


writer and novelist 
You were real quick on delivery and so far I have no complaints about views.
  • Mia

     Insta enthusiast
    Reels are best in terms of engagement, and Reel views are best in terms of views. Or I don't know anything about the Insta app despite wasting my life there lol.
  • Vince

    I was referred by a friend, bought a few times views for Reels, saw more people viewing and liking them and now I'm addicted! The only minus is a slow speed which should be improved.
  • Jill

    “Reels are working like magic for my Insta shop:) Thank you from the bottom of my heart ”
  • Monica Mone' 

    I tried the views for the first time and now have twice as many as I purchased.
  • Lena Sh.

    “InstaViral services has landed me a contract with a modeling agency I could only dream of)”
  • Marco

    writer and novelist 
    Insta comments and hearts were a real booster for my Ig. I had more followers in 1 week than I have ever had be4.

What are Instagram Reels views? 

While Instagram Reels are relatively new and less users create Reels compared to Stories or IGTV videos, emerging influencers and businesses who use them are at advantage. Before you buy Instagram Reels views it is important you know how Reels views are counted. This will help you decide if you really need them and how to choose the best website to buy Ig Reels views. A Reel view is counted the moment a video is played. It does not require to watch for at least 3 seconds as regular video views or IGTV views.  
to see Reel views count

How to see number of views on Reels?

To see the views count on any Reels:

Step 1: Open that Reel video
Step 2: Click on the numeric text below the likes icon.

You can now see the total number of plays/views on it. Note, although you can see the actual number of views on Reels, you won't be able to see the usernames and profiles of those who viewed a Reel unless it is your Reel.

These are the steps how you can see who viewed your Reels:

Step 1: Sign in to your Instagram account and tap your profile picture in the bottom right.
Step 2: Tap the Reels icon below your profile information to see all Reels uploaded.
Step 3: Choose the Reel video you want to see the statistics for and tap on it
Step 4: Tap on the top right corner of the Reel to see "View Insights".

You will see not only who liked and commented on that Reels but also video plays (excluding replays). Instagram notes that Reel Insights are only available for Reels published after May 14, 2021.

Instagram Reels vs Instagram Stories vs IGTV views

Want to buy Instagram views but wondering if there is any difference between Instagram Reels vs Instagram Stories vs IGTV views? InstaViral offers all of them, and yet, Instagram Story views cannot be sent to IGTV or Reels and vice versa. Below are the key differences of each.

Instagram views differ in duration. IGTV views can be anywhere from 30 seconds to a full-length of a video (up to 30 mins), while Story views are about 15 seconds. The same is true for Reels views which mostly are about 30 seconds, which is a maximum duration of a single Reels itself.

Instagram views on IGTV, Reels, and Stories are counted differently. Just like Instagram video views themselves, IGTV view only counts when a user has watched for at least 3 seconds. Reels and Story views, on the other hand, are counted the moment they start playing. This is done by the separate algorithms for each type of video post on Instagram.

Some views are permanent while others disappear in 24 hours. You may have guessed already, you cannot buy Instagram Story views for an IGTV or Reel, because of the shelf life of the posts. Unless saved as highlights, Stories and views will no longer exist after 24 hours have passed.

Get more views on your Reels organically

Do you get a few dozen views but want to get more views on your Reels organically? Before you try to make your Reel go viral, let's first see common mistakes why your Reels are not getting views and how to see number of views on Reels.

Why is my Reel not getting views?

While the Reels feature is engaging in its form, not all Reels get views. A good practice before you decide to buy Instagram Reels views is to reflect on common mistakes that hold you back from getting views.

#1 Poor quality of video 
Try to find the right angle to better record or use another device. You can also try popular effects like This or That, Back to 90's, Starry Night, FireFly, Green screen, Big Mood and others to make a Reel better.

#2 Not engaging content
It is common among influencers to spend time recording and editing a video without giving it much thought. To get users to view your Reels you have to serve what viewers are interested in. That said, popular Reels are much like TikToks with a lot of comedy and drama in them. 

#3 Time differences
If you are constantly working your creativity out while creating Reels but still get no views this may happen because the viewers are not plugged in when you upload. The best time to post on Instagram is 11 a.m.on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

#4 Not enough engagement on your part
If you are simply posting Reels wishing for some magical moment when it goes viral, you should know it may never come. Share Reels to Stories and in Feed, like and reply to user comments, and get as much interaction as you can to improve Reels visibility.

#5 Your account is new or private
It may take some time for newer accounts before any posts get viewed, and Reels are not an exception. Also, you will not see any views on Reels if your privacy settings have changed to private.
Reels best 
to go viral

How do you make a Reel go viral?

From the experience of 200+ customers who buy Instagram Reels views from InstaViral and hundreds of users who wonder how to make a Reel go viral, Reels best practices.

🔴   Instagram suggests you upload 5-7 Reels videos a week. You can set the minimum to 3 if you cannot create Reels daily, but keep it consistent.

🔴    Share it everywhere. Luckily for you, Instagram also aims the Reels for engagement and lets you share the Reel video to your Story with a click of a button. Choosing the Reel you can also DM it to a friend or just add Reel to your Story. Even if your friend does have Instagram yet you can still share Reels with them via Twitter, WhatsApp, or another app or email. 

🔴   Use 3-seconds long multiple cuts adding angles and effects, changing scenes, or adding other recorded clips one over another (just like in Stories). 

🔴  Take a closer look at TikTok. You will see how simple text captions upon a video could improve viewers' engagement. Captions also help because over 30% of users watch Instagram videos, Stories, and Reels with the sound off.

Should I buy Instagram Reels views and likes?

Buying Instagram Reels views and likes is no different than buying Instagram views and likes in general. While views aim to boost the overall visibility of a video, the likes are bought to grow engagement and make the average viewer like or comment on posts.

Sometimes, buying likes together with views would also make sense to keep the views to likes ratio organic, and the Reels balanced. Simply put, Instagram Reels likes serves as an indicator that your content not only is viewed but liked by other viewers. This especially makes sense on business profiles who rely on Instagram app for lead generation and brand reputation. Much like Stories, Reels are means of engagement. And nothing attracts an audience more than a massive number of views and likes on a short fun Reel video.

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