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With thousands of eye-catching photo posts from around the world Instagram is sure the best resource for inspiration, creativity, and good mood. Using Instagram photo downloader you save Instagram photos directly to your smartphone or PC for free. No need for a password or URL link to a specific post. Try today.

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Why InstaViral Photo Downloader

Wondering what is the best Instagram photo downloader? No more searches because InstaViral has the one for you.These are the qualities 4 000 users like so far. 

Forever free

We are not freemium, and will not ask for upgrades or add watermarks to free downloads.

High-res images

All photos will be available in the original format and quality. No resizing or poor resolution.

No URL links

You can easily save picture(s) using our Instagram photo downloader without post link(s).

Save everywhere

Whether you are Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS user, you can download photo posts.

How To Download Instagram Photos With InstaViral

Download pictures from Instagram in full HD without losing its quality. You can save photo posts of any size directly to your device in just a few clicks. All without entering your email, watching ads, or completing a survey.

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Type in username. The times when the best Instagram photo downloaders required a post URL link are gone.

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From the posts, select a collection or poster to download. Use Instagram video downloader for video posts.

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Hitting the "Download" button, a post will be saved to the storage of your device on PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Reasons To Download Instagram Photos

#1 Save your own Instagram posts

This is one of the major reasons our Instagram photo downloader is used for. However unlikely this may sound, Instagram profiles are often used as "memory banks" where users upload personal photos to keep good memories. Yet, because of the high frequency of uploads many active users find it hard to quickly retrieve a certain image or video. Other users may worry about being suspended and cannot stand the idea of losing a single post that records important occasions, achievements, and life events.

Whatever the reason you want to download Instagram photos from your own profile, InstaViral is here to help. To save a picture, simply enter your username(or URL link), and select a post to download.

#2 Download Insta posts for inspiration

How often do you find yourself completely blown away by a certain image or photo? Have you ever looked it up over and over again to share with friends? If you answered "Yes" to both questions you may need to use Instagram photo downloader to spare a few minutes of frantic search for more important tasks. As any social media platform, Instagram is a platform with the shortest post lifespan of 48 hours(a little longer than Facebook). After that, a post is less likely to pop up again in your Feed.

Our Instagram image downloader will help you get a photo post in its original format to inspire long after the post is replaced with another one, or got buried under a pile of similar posts.

#3 Download value posts for future use

If you are like us, an Instagram creature, you may find high value posts which could have been used for a fan page or elsewhere outside the Instagram app. It can be a helpful infographic, a complex technical scheme, or a modern-day success formula. You may even want to print it out and act upon it. Such value posts, while not often found on Instagram, may have a positive impact on your mood, health, or a state of mind. Even more so, when shared with others.

Note, you cannot use posts without attributing the author. In making our Instagram photo downloader free and equally accessible to businesses and regular users, we aimed to promote a fair use of copyright content.

#4 Save some event images locally

As any social networking platform, Instagram is where people share event images tagging friends. If one of your friends has published a photo(s) with the event you both attended at some point, you may need to save it to a device. Rather than asking a friend to send a few photos via email or otherwise, you can download pictures from Instagram in seconds using InstaViral. Better yet, you can refer friends and free yourself from sending dozens of photos to multiple contacts.

To simplify your task, we suggest you access Instagram photo downloader where you actually want to store those photos. This eliminates the need of transferring files from one device to another one.

What You Get Using Instagram
Photo Downloader

Original photo size

Unlike some other downloaders which lower the quality of Instagram images resizing or compressing them, InstaViral preserves original format and size those pictures have on Instagram.

Secure & safe use

With dozens of free services, and platforms selling user data to big markets, you could be cautious of information shared. We do not require a password, email, and thus, are 100% safe.

Ad-free experience 

Some free tools would require you to pass human verification by watching ads, completing surveys, etc., while they get paid by the advertisers for every view gained on ad.

Worldwide access

InstaViral photo downloader can be accessed from anywhere unless you have no internet access. Users from 52 countries currently use this tool, and you can be one we add to our list.

No specific software

To download Instagram photos using InstaViral tool no specific software is required. No browser extensions or mobile apps. It is fully online and supports both web and mobile formats.

"Forever-free" plan 

If you are tired of annoying pop-ups asking to upgrade to be able to save more Instagram posts, enjoy better image quality, remove watermarks, etc. InstaViral is the right address to visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best
Instagram downloader?

We do not like to brag, but we do and for good reason. InstaViral is the best Instagram downloader which has zero paid plans, fastest downloading speed, and does not ask for a post URL link. Can you prove it otherwise? Try InstaViral photo downloader or save a video with our Instagram video downloader. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Can you download private 
Instagram photos?

No, our Instagram photo downloader does not support unfair use of private profiles and their photos or videos. Besides being technically difficult to get private photos, we believe a creator should have the right to keep posts private. Make sure the photos you want to download are from public accounts and are visible to all users.

How to download 
Instagram photos without apps?

The easiest way to download Instagram photos from any profile is to use an online Insta downloader. Such tools work in the browser and do not require you to install apps or extensions on your device, keeping the process safe and anonymous. Use InstaViral to download Ig videos, photo posts, and Stories online for free any time.

How to download all
 photos from Instagram?

You can download Instagram photos from the app itself selecting "Settings", then, "Privacy and Security". At  the bottom of the menu you will see the "Data Download". Click on "Request Download" and enter the email you want copies of all photos and comments to be sent. Enter your password and you will get data in 48 hours.

Is it okay to download 
Instagram photos?

Yes, as long as no copyright infringement is found in the use of such photos. Think of downloaded photos from another profile as a way of sharing or viewing them. That said, you must attribute the original creator if you want to upload those images on your own profile or website though. Also, only public photos should be downloaded.

How does an Instaviral photo 
downloader work?

Our Instagram picture downloader uses API to find a profile once the username (or post URL) is entered into the search bar. InstaViral, then, displays recent photo posts on profile, and user checkmarks the image he/she wants to download. The request is processed by the downloader, a certain post is extracted and saved on a user device.

InstaViral photo downloader in numbers

Here are some core stats on Instagram photo downloader from InstaViral. Who said that numbers cannot speak? Run your eyes over and make up your mind!

2.7 Million

Downloaded Images

Almost 30 K+

Hours of Service

31 countries

InstaViral Used In

Over 900 K+

Profiles Searched

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