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Why Choose InstaViral

The giveaway program allows all Instagram users to get 20 free IG likes daily without asking to fill out surveys, watch ads, and collect exchange points. The goal of this giveaway is to help new creators improve post visibility and try InstaViral likes for free. Note, you can always buy Instagram likes if you need more.

InstaViral is a full-service engagement and growth agency which promotes Instagram profiles and posts through a network of partner sites and social media users. This way we are able to deliver Instagram likes from real people interested in certain posts. Unlike other services limiting certain countries from using the service, InstaViral is accessed globally (67 countries and counting). 

How Can I Get Free Likes on Instagram

For those of you who still wonder how to get free likes on Instagram, getting insights on how free Instagram likes apps and online services work reduces the risk of being scammed.

Apparently the overused "like4like" method of getting likes on your posts organically has less effect than it used to be. And the "more-posts" approach does not always translate into more likes. Gaining Instagram likes is even harder for new or long-time inactive accounts with little engagement and only a few followers.

Getting Instagram likes free would be ideal to make the algorithm believe more people should watch your post. Only where you get likes on Instagram is not less important than how you get them.

Free Instagram likes app

By definition, a free Instagram likes app is a specific app installed on a user smartphone which delivers likes from other users to your posts. The biggest pro of such liker apps is that other app users are committed to liking someone's posts just as much as you do. It is not like on Instagram, when you like or follow another profile but never get liked or followed in return despite adding a hashtag #likeforlike or DMing that person. 

If you are wondering how a certain free likes app works, it is important to notice any "premium upgrades" and user reviews. A typical liker app would ask to connect your account to Instagram, which can be both good and bad. Good, because all users interact with posts from their own accounts. Bad, because the app has access to your account and personal data. Also, with a poor security level,  free Instagram likes apps could become a hacker's target, threatening thousands of Instagram accounts connected to it.

Many Instagram liker apps offer 50 or 100 free Instagram likes (some even promise you get an unlimited number of likes). But promising does not mean all users get likes for free. Liker apps can also make money from in-app ads shown to app users. Some can be skippable, while others require you to watch. You can also be asked to complete surveys, or take quizzes to gain points, which are later exchanged for likes.

Let's do a quick recap of the pros and cons of a free Instagram likes app.

Real app users
Users are there to like posts
No payment required
Possible ads and surveys
High risk of being hacked
Not everyone gets IG likes

For Android

 All free Instagram likes apps can be installed either on Android or iProne. Android users can find apps through a direct Google search typing "likes for instagram apk" into search, and then download and install such apps from Google Play. There are a few factors to look for when choosing a free Insta liking app:
Ease of use: After all 100, 1000, and 500 Instagram followers promised elsewhere, 20 followers seem like the smallest amount you get. InstaViral takes an algorithm-based approach, when a smaller number of followers regularly is better than a ton of them at once. Steady consistent growth will increase profile authority and get promoted by the algorithm. 
App support: When was the last update? Did the app fix its bugs? When is the publishing date?
App popularity: Check the number of installs in the top right corner. Less than 1k installs is a red flag.
Geographical availability: Is the app limited to certain countries or regions? 
Device compatibility: Does it require the latest version of Android? Is it compatible with your smartphone?
Customer rating and reviews.  Does it require the latest version of Android? Is it compatible with your smartphone?
In-app products and subscriptions: Does it cost any money to get likes free? Are there "upgrades"?
Device compatibility: Does it require the latest version of Android? Is it compatible with your smartphone?
Like4Like, Likulator, Likes+ are among the first free Instagram likes apps which pop up in Google Play searches. Yet, only one of them has a developer's website and contacts.

💡  Quick Tip:There are no direct indicators of fake or risky apps on Google Play. But checking against the points mentioned above on both Google Play and App Store will likely give you a hint. While some apps can support only Android or iPhone, most followers and likes apps will be present on both. 

For iPhone

Downloading a free Instagram likes app from the App Store is a little different than Google Play. Right from the start you will not see any apps offering free likes for Instagram posts directly. When typing "free Instagram likes" into the search bar, you will see a long list of apps which promise to boost the number of likes through hashtags, app icons, video effects, stickers, etc. 

If you already know the app's name you can search by a brand name, or use Google search to speed up your findings. Just as any Android app, iPhone apps should be screened for version updates and information on a developer. Especially if there are in-app purchases. 

A good practice is to check the app's developer website by clicking on it and viewing a dedicated page. A trustworthy provider would have the same contact details and website across both app marketplaces, and possibly some other mobile apps. 

Overall it seems that Apple has a stricter policy against free Instagram likes apps, and does not approve any of those offering likes through connecting accounts and exchanging likes between the users.

 Free Instagram likes online

In a way, a better alternative to free Instagram likes apps are websites that allow users get free Instagram likes online. The major benefit of free Instagram websites is that you do not have to download and install a specific app. Though some free likes providers require a registration, survey or other simple task completion, or only offer likes on free trials.

With less effort from you, such online services are even more popular than Android or iPhone liker apps. This breeds a new market for scammers to explore, and another chance to attract users for real providers. Yet, before you get Instagram likes free, you should know what websites avoid.

Without verification

If you want to get likes on Instagram fast, you should generally avoid websites offering likes without verification. You may wonder, why spend time solving a first-grade task or answering a dummy question. Yet human verification protects a website from robotic attacks and abusers which ensures more users can have access to free IG likes.

Not a bad thing, huh? 

Moreover, the stats show that 9 out of 10 websites promising free likes for Instagram posts without verification never intend to deliver at all. That's just a simple trick to get as many site visitors as they can.

 No survey

The whole purpose of making the user answer the survey questions is to get every click monetized. In truth, it is hard to find a legit website which has no survey.  Often, websites which provide Instagram likes and have enough traffic will partner with marketers to display ads or add surveys and get paid whenever the user completes a task.

Still, some legit Instagram services may offer a set number of free Instagram likes or followers without a survey from time to time. Naturally, because no fees are collected from surveys, such providers will have paid services on their websites. 

Any website promoting free unlimited Instagram likes and followers without installing the app, watching ads, or completing a survey is suspicious. It is rather unrealistic that a provider would pay real users to like your posts without making any money from you. Even more so, if "no survey" unlimited likes are given away forever.

 Free trial

The third and most common way of getting free Instagram likes online is through a free trial. Instagram likes free trial can be available on any website selling Instagram likes. Free trials are known as common and most acceptable ways to attract new customers and make more money.

At their core, free trials are fair since no money is asked for X number of likes, and you are free to decide to buy Instagram likes, or try another provider. Only when the service requires your credit card details, Instagram password, or any sensitive information to start your trial, it becomes risky.

Ideally, a URL link to your post is the only thing which is needed to send a few Insta likes to test. The downside of free Instagram likes trial is a long ordering queue (because of the number of orders received), limited number of Instagram likes, and possibly, lower quality of post likes which are sent.

How Do You Get Likes on Instagram
 From InstaViral

With half of the ways of getting free Instagram likes explained, it is reasonable to turn to ourselves and offer insights on how you can get likes on Instagram from InstaViral. 

There are two ways how InstaViral users get likes for Instagram posts: paid and free. While everything should be clear with the paid likes, it is less so for our free Instagram likes service. There might be questions like "Why do you do a giveaway?" or "How Insta likes I got free differ from those I buy?", etc. 

From some important factors on how to know if the service is legit or fake, you already know that "no survey free IG likes" contradicts what has been already said. But let us explain. 

InstaViral is a trusted Instagram growth and marketing agency which generates Instagram followers, likes, views, and comments on posts and profiles using organic ways of engaging users interested in creator's content. Through a network of websites and partners and machine calculations we promote hundreds of posts through native ads, and various content. There are also Instagram users who earn redeemable InstaViral credits for liking posts. 

Giveaways are not common on InstaViral, and are typically run when our resources allow larger quantities of Instagram likes. This is not done for pure marketing purposes since no ads, surveys, or tasks will be asked to complete. InstaViral users get free likes on Instagram as a form of trial with no obligation, credit card details, or password. The only difference is that anyone can try 20 free Instagram likes for the duration of a giveaway as many times as they want to. This gives you as an InstaViral user, the best of both worlds, right?

Is Free Instagram Likes from
 InstaViral Safe?

The method Instagram likes are generated: All Instagram likes (both paid and free) will come from real Instagram app users who are incentivised to like certain posts. As a result, free IG likes are no different than other post likes you get.
The number of likes appearing on posts: Processing multiple requests for Instagram likes, we noticed that the safe number of likes on new accounts is 20.
What information is required from the user: No password, app downloads and installs, or Instagram account access is needed to get free likes from InstaViral.
How users personal data is handled: InstaVIral does not collect email addresses to spam users or sell to third parties. Also user info like Instagram username, interests, or posts are not saved on our servers.

No password

In detail, you get free Instagram likes from InstaViral without providing an Instagram password or connecting your InstaViral account to Instagram. 

Other websites and apps want to get access not only to your Instagram posts, but the whole account through app connection. Such practices, while risky, can also question a provider's reputation in case of serious hacker attacks. Storing and operating a great deal of users' profile credentials puts serious pressure on websites or software security and ethical policies.

Also, a password is not necessary for users liking your posts. Which post to like and account username is all what real users need to find you. It also makes sense to stay away if any service or app is asking you to reveal a password. 

Real likes

InstaViral is not the only free Instagram likes provider where the website networking system is used to supply likes, followers, comments, or views to social media posts. Technically, sharing traffic and ads on multiple websites with a solid number of website visitors is not at all difficult. 

The question is if bot-like software is used to emulate human actions. Instagram has announced long before that the app does not support artificial activity in any form. Because bots are cheaper to use and can generate more likes, many suppliers are willing to risk your account and get fake likes.

One way to test if free Instagram likes are real is to see if they drop. A significant drop (40% or more) may happen when the Instagram algorithm detects artificial likes and removes them from posts. This may not always be the reason why your Instagram likes suddenly drop. Still, it is unlikely that a user decides to find a post he/she liked to unlike. 

If you want to have real Instagram likes which stay on your posts, InstaViral is just the right address to order.

No credit card

To get Instagram likes free no credit card is required. Because InstaViral offers IG likes as a 100% free service with no hidden fees or upgrades. In fact, so-called "freemium" services often ask for credit card details to automatically charge you a fee once you exceed a daily limit. 

Another reason why some services may require credit card information is to collect user information whether for personal gain or reselling it to a third party. InstaViral has no intentions of requiring card details from users of free services since we have no subscription plans.

You get 20 free Instagram likes daily without a survey, password, or credit card, or you could add a few more trying a paid service. For more detail, check how to buy Instagram likes.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do free Instagram 
likes work?

Yes. Free likes for Instagram are the same likes from other Instagram users you get when uploading a photo/ video post. As any likes, they are counted by the Instagram algorithm as signs of user interest, and your post gets promoted more. Increased visibility will increase impressions and reach, and bring more likes naturally.

How many likes can you get
 on Instagram for free?

Depending on which website or app you try, you are promised to get from 10 to 100, 1000, or unlimited number of likes. But promises do not mean you get likes. Realistically, it is impossible to deliver unlimited likes for free, and thus, makes these services suspicious. Also, many of them require you to complete surveys to get likes.

Does free Instagram likes
 also come with views?

No, users only like a video without watching it. In order for Instagram to count as a view a user should watch a video for at least 3 seconds.  If you want to get free Instagram views use a separate service on our website. Note, you cannot order more than one service for free /day, meaning that you can get either likes or views.

Where to get Instagram 
likes for free?

The best website to get free Instagram likes without survey, credit card info, password, or human verification is here, at InstaViral. Although you can only get a fixed number of likes a day, we deliver your likes safely and quickly. This free IG likes offer also serves as a free trial for customers who want to buy Instagram likes.

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