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Do you want to get free Instagram followers without an app or a survey completion? InstaViral is offering free services for a limited time. Stop trying one follower app after another - get IG followers online for free.

Why Choose InstaViral

If you are wondering how to get free followers on Instagram, but feel overwhelmed with the number of follower apps and websites, you have landed at the right address. Unlike many other services who promise as many followers as you want, InstaViral offers only 20 accounts following you a day. 

Because the goal is to help new creators improve their following base,  we do not complicate things by adding extra steps to get your profile followers for free. No account password or credit card details are necessary, and no subscriptions required. Partnering with thousands of websites, forums, and social media users InstaViral suggests your Instagram profile to other users and helps you build following day-by-day. 

How Can I Get Free Followers on Instagram

There are 3 main ways to get free Instagram followers: via Instagram followers apps, website giveaways, and the "algorithm" approach. Signing up for a followers app is easy and quick, but the app does what any user could do on Instagram directly. It will follow a certain number of followers daily to then unfollow them when they follow back. 

Giveaways can be a great way to get followers for free, but for their irregularity, it is difficult to hope for any significant followers growth. Also, it is best for less active accounts to avoid getting a large number of followers(500-1K+) at once to avoid suspension.

Knowing the Instagram algorithm will help you adjust profile and content accordingly. While giveaways and the apps can get you a few hundreds of followers quickly, algorithm-based services like InstaViral can get you hundreds of thousands in the long term.

Free Instagram followers online

Getting free Instagram followers online is not a myth, and given the legit website can save you time and money. 
The major benefit is that you can get followers through websites without downloading and installing any software or app on your PC or mobile. 

The problem, however, is that most websites attract users to get money from advertisers through surveys and tasks completed by users. Before you try any service offering no-survey free Instagram followers online, it's good to know what to avoid when looking for followers for free, right?

No human verification

Human verification is a general term that refers to a number of simple tasks like choosing pictures that match, which a user is asked to complete to verify he/she is not a robot.  It is perhaps the most annoying thing when you search for free instagram followers no verification. The average time spent on verification tasks may vary from 30 seconds up to a few minutes. It is common for free online follower websites to deny access to their service or website based on human verification results.

Yet, the good thing about verifying you are a human is that this prevents robotic attacks that can hack the user database(if any) and leak personal data. Even Google sometimes requires reCAPTCHa on suspicious requests.

 No survey

"Free Instagram followers no survey" is a commonly searched query on Google and other search engines. Thus, it is worth mentioning that unlike human verification, surveys indicate that users are monetised on a website. There are websites which ask for 3-4 surveys in a row before you can access a free service.

As much as surveys are short and easy to answer, a user will not get any number of free followers in most cases. And yet, hundreds of thousands of Instagram users spend time on surveys.

No following others

No need to follow other profiles is the biggest pro of free Instagram followers online. Follower apps ask users to follow other profiles before they deliver any followers, and some websites will do as well. Yet, following others in hope they will follow back is frustrating and does not worth time spent researching for a free Instagram followers website. 

You can use #follow4follow hashtag or follow profiles on Instagram directly without installing any software on your device or using a website.

Free trial

If you are a user who is not looking to ever buy Instagram followers, free trial websites are not the best way to get followers on profile. As with any trial, Instagram followers free trial is limited and will require a purchase or a subscription once the trial period ends. Some even might ask for your credit card information to charge it automatically.

Also, not every service will have Instagram followers on free trial.

Free Instagram followers app

Free Instagram followers app is a mobile (about 80%) app through which users can boost followers count following each other. Many of such apps require not only downloads and installs of third-party software on your device, but connecting an app account to the Instagram page. This increases the risk of accounts being hacked, and personal data stolen. 

Out of dozens of Android and iOS applications to get free followers without surveys, only few can really provide real followers. Most of them pretend they can send 1000 free Instagram followers while increasing the number of app downloads and installs to promote their software. Also, there is always a risk of getting bots instead of the real followers, and being suspended.

On the flip side, those apps which do send followers free, are likely to sign up real users who are there for the same reason as you - to follow and get followed. 

Before we get into iOS or Android APK, let's briefly get into why app providers would offer a legit service for free. Developing an app costs money, and real Instagram followers have to be incentivised to follow other users. This makes you question how Instagram followers apps work and why hundreds of users are downloading them? 

Android APK 

A simple search for free Instagram followers shows quite a few Android apps that can be downloaded from Google Play. Just like other mobile apps, free followers apps must be installed, signed up, and updated to function properly. If you have a few megabytes of space downloading an app is not a problem. 

While Google requires app developers to meet standard requirements, other app marketplaces do not. So avoid downloading apps if a website is new or looks suspicious. Also, you may have noticed that free follower apps in Google Play are not openly found. You could see apps that promise to analyse your Instagram account, suggest popular hashtags, etc. to get you more followers. This may be because most of the free Instagram followers are generated by websites, and are bots. 

Before you get any app, make sure it has fresh positive reviews, is last updated not earlier than a couple of months ago, and has enough downloads and installs(100k+). 

For iOS

Just like Android apps, iOS applications will also be submitted for approval, where the app is checked. It is rare that users are looking for iOS apps which generate free Instagram followers. Yet, if you do, you will see apps that can analyze and track followers growth, save daily reports, or show how many people have followed you back. 
Because any software which generates followers will supply fake bot followers is against Instagram Terms, Apple will not support such applications. On the other hand, installing an app from a third party website, you risk getting malware on your device.

If you insist on getting a free Instagram followers app, we suggest you create a second account, add a few posts there, and experiment. Also, subtle indicators such as website's name or app description and developer information will help you avoid unnecessary risks.

 Why InstaViral Is The Best Free Instagram
 Followers Provider

With all said about mobile apps to get free Instagram followers, it's time to show an alternative source. Over 1 000 accounts order followers daily from InstaViral, and 95% of them are regular users of our services. Here is a quick overview of what a free user gets with InstaViral.
20 Instagram followers free/day. After all 100, 1000, and 500 Instagram followers promised elsewhere, 20 followers seem like the smallest amount you get. InstaViral takes an algorithm-based approach, when a smaller number of followers regularly is better than a ton of them at once. Steady consistent growth will increase profile authority and get promoted by the algorithm. 
Safe and anonymous delivery. To keep your Instagram account safe InstaViral does not require any sensitive information such as password or billing details. In addition, you get free Instagram followers online and no external software is downloaded and installed. Further, the amount of followers you get for free is safe for less active and new accounts.
Easy online ordering system. You can order free followers for an Instagram profile in just a few clicks. You do not even have to provide an Instagram URL. Type in the username, and the 20 followers order will be processed immediately.
Free Instagram followers no survey. You have our word. InstaViral does not partner with advertisers to get free users to answer surveys or watch ads. Although you may be required to pass reCAPTCHa verification, it is a standard verification to understand you are a human and not a bot.
No subscription plans. To make our free Instagram followers service accessible to as many users as we can, InstaViral does not have subscriptions. Anyone can get free followers daily, weekly, or monthly as long as they type username correctly.

 How To Use InstaViral

Is Free Instagram Followers from
 InstaViral Safe?

Now, half way through the search for free Insta followers without surveys, you may wonder if free Instagram followers from InstaViral are safe. While we mentioned above some of the features our free Instagram services have, we are yet to cover the safety. The 3 most important features that make all InstaViral services (free and paid) safe are no password, real followers, and no credit card. Take a look at each one.

No password

Some Instagram followers apps and giveaway websites will require you to connect accounts to Instagram or provide a password before you get any follows. This, however, can make your account vulnerable to hacker attacks. The provider could mismanage the sensitive data or have poor data protection measures leading to data breaches and loss of accounts. 

For this reason, InstaViral does not require Instagram passwords or install any specific software to log in through. We want everyone to feel safe and secure while ordering IG followers free.

Real followers

The followers you receive are users of Instagram with various levels of activity and involvement. Such followers are our partners and affiliates who gain redeemable points for liking, viewing, or following other profiles on Instagram app. All followers are from various locations (unique IP addresses) worldwide. This again ensures an Instagram algorithm will not suspect artificial activity, and would equally suggest a profile in multiple locations.

Some accounts following you would have followers and posts of their own, interesting usernames, and avatars. All profiles are monitored for safety reasons, and suspicious ones have been discarded. Yet, if you really want to become an influencer and monetize Instagram, we suggest you buy Instagram followers. This gives more flexibility over what number of followers you want and how often to boost profile following and liking. Better yet, paid followers are of premium quality and nearly all of them will have profile avatars to look most organic.

No credit card

InstaViral does not need your credit card details or PayPal address for sending free followers to your Insta account. This makes our free services easy and safe for users to test InstaViral services. Also, because we do not offer paid services as subscriptions, and do not charge any fees automatically, card details are unnecessary. 

Even when choosing paid services, you pay for one order without auto-applied subscription fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get 1000 followers
 on Instagram for free?

To get 1000 free Instagram followers, you will have to follow about 4 000 Instagram profiles. This is because on average 25%-35% of profiles you followed will follow you back. Another way is to use Instagram followers generators for free fake Ig followers at your own risk. Overall, it should take a few months to see your first 1k followers organically. To speed organic growth, you could buy smaller amounts of followers from time to time. 

 Is getting free Instagram
 followers safe?

Yes. InstaViral supplies real Instagram followers whose accounts have been checked manually before adding to our user base. Moreover, the 20 free IG followers is best in terms of account safety. Even when delivered immediately, followers will not cause the algorithm suspicion. No sign-up or password required to try.

How fast will free
 Instagram followers be delivered?

The delivery speed is different depending on your Instagram activity, and typically takes 6-24 hours to fully deliver free Instagram followers. Yet, as most of it is automated, all orders, both free and paid, are processed within a few minutes and then, the system queues orders. As soon as one order is completed, the next one takes its place with no breaks in between. After all, machines do not need coffee breaks or lunch time, right? 

 Are free Instagram followers
real followers?

It depends on where and how many of them you get. Generally, most services will use bots to get fake followers. Especially if unlimited followers are offered. InstaViral can only deliver 20 followers per account in 24 hours since there are more offers than our supplies 😊. No worries, they come from different IPs and devices.

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