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Searching how to download Instagram Stories? We may thank the Google algorithm for showing our Instagram Story downloader in search results, or rather praise our 800 daily users for frequent suggestions and updates. Try InstaViral downloader to save Instagram Stories before they are gone! 

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Our Instagram Story Downloader Is Best

As a dedicated Instagram marketing agency, InstaViral develops and updates free tools for creators and regular users of Instagram. Our Instagram Story downloader is one of the free Instagram tools which serves users best.

Save Stories 
for free

Do you want to save the Stories you like? You can do so without spending a cent with InstaViral downloader.

Download to 
any device

Whether you use a smartphone, tablet, or PC, you can download Instagram Stories to it in just a few clicks.

No Story URL required

Our Instagram Story downloaderl finds and displays a user profile, while you simply select one of the Stories.

Save in original format

Instagram Story download preserves the actual quality of it. Stories are not resized, altered, or compressed.

How To Download Instagram Stories Via InstaViral

Do you want to know how to download Instagram Stories? You've landed on the right website. InstaViral will help you store as many Stories on your local device as you need. No specific software or app is required.

Search for Ig username

Type username into the search bar and hit "Submit". No URL links or passwords are needed to find Stories.

Select your downloads

Once the Instagram profile is found, you will see Stories in image (poster) and video formats from original file.

Save Instagram Stories

Clicking "Download" will save Stories to the device you are on. Up to 3 requests per user a day are allowed.

Instagram Story Downloader Is Used To

#1 Download Insta Stories as inspiration

In part, Story's high engagement rate can be explained by the short lifespan. Besides revealing more about a favourite brand or creator, a Story which disappears in just 24 hours is more likely to be watched, commented, or liked compared to a regular post. You may see a truly inspirational or creative Story which deserves to be stored elsewhere. In such cases, Instagram Story downloader can help you save the best examples to share with family or friends long after an original disappears.

Most often, users download Insta Stories containing fun quotes and messages, interesting places, or famous people giving on-camera talk.

#2 Download IG Story with important info

Today, Instagram Stories are not fun 15-second entertainment content, but informational and mind-blowing facts, sensational video clips, and life milestones. One of the uses of Instagram Story saver from InstaViral is educational. Do you have a short makeup tutorial, a try-on bikini haul, a beauty hack, productivity tip, or a shopping deal from your favourite brand? It may be time for an Instagram Story download.

In a survey from last year(2020), Instagram Story downloader was mostly used to save important dates, events, and sales from popular brands.

#3 Save Instagram Stories on local device

Perhaps, the Story is yours and you have saved it on profile as highlights, so it won't disappear in 24 hours. You can still spend a couple of seconds and kilobytes of storage for Instagram Story download. Instagram may suspend or block your account someday resulting in the account and all its content including Stories and posts being lost. Saving Stories locally also gives an easy offline access whenever the Internet connection is poor.

As for our daily visitors, Instagram Story downloader keeps popularity for helping users to download Instagram Stories and watch them anonymously.

#4 Save Instagram Story you liked

There are multiple Stories that catch our attention daily. Whether for purposeful inspiration or practical advice you want to save Instagram Stories you liked, InstaViral is going to help you. Saving a Story with our Instagram Story downloader is as easy as opening a favorite creator's profile and choosing a Story to watch. No specific software needs to be installed, and the tool finds a Story through a username you enter into the search bar.

Think how fun it would be to save Stories you liked for later or offline use? Depending on your interests and goals you may build up quite a library of Stories only you own.

What Makes IG Story Downloader Unique

Legal use of downloader 

All Stories you download are from public profiles which do not violate Instagram policies, and are visible on the creator's profile.

Registration-free access

InstaViral Story downloader does not require a sign-up or any task to save Story from any public profile. No forms are filled.

Anonymous downloads

Use our free tool for Instagram Story download to watch Stories anonymously from all creators or brands you follow on Instagram.

No installs or extensions 

To download a Story from Instagram you are not required to install an app on your device or a specific browser extension. 

No charges or upgrades

 InstaViral downloader is fully free without a paid subscription and will not ask for upgrades once your free trial is over.

Search by IG username

With all user suggestions our developers team has implemented user search system to simplify Instagram Story download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download private
Instagram Stories?

No. InstaViral does not support private Instagram Story download because it is not a legit way to save creator's content. For fair use of our Story downloader, we suggest you only search for accounts which made Stories, photos, and videos publicly available. After all, you don't want to violate copyright policies, do you?

Is Instagram Story downloader
legit and safe?

InstaViral Story downloader is legit and safe, and used daily in different countries. To be legit we do not allow private Stories downloads, and make sure no copyright issues are found. To protect user safety, we do not ask for your password, app installs, collect email addresses or billing addresses, and other sensitive data.

How to download
 Instagram Story without watermark?

To download a Story from Instagram without a watermark you should use a free online Instagram downloader which does not have paid plans. Besides download and installation, many browser extensions or apps would require either a registration or a small one-time fee to remove watermark from a Story you have downloaded.

How to download 
Instagram Stories anonymously online?

Many downloaders promise you can watch Instagram Stories anonymously asking for a Story link. To get a Story link you open a Story which starts playing i and the Instagram algorithm counts your view the moment it plays, right? For anonymity, use InstaViral as you won't log into Instagram and we will find a profile for you.

Which is the best Story saver
for Instagram?

Everyone decides what IG Story downloader is best for them, and someone's "best" may be different from yours. Yet accessibility, speed, and ease of use are the most important factors in defining the best Story saver for Instagram. Try our free Instagram downloader to save popular Stories and posts quickly and easily.

How does Instagram 
Story download work?

One of the first steps in all downloaders is to paste a link to a certain Story.  Using InstaViral Story downloader no links are necessary. Entering a username will find a profile through API. Then, you mark the Story you want to save, and voila! it is there in your "Downloads" folder(or whatever the default folder for downloads is).

InstaViral Story downloader in numbers

Here are some core stats on Instagram Story downloader from InstaViral. Who said that numbers cannot speak? Run your eyes over and make up your mind!

Over 500/month

Stories Saved

About 17 000

IG Profiles Found

312 regions

User Location(IP)

200 - 400/month

Regular Users

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