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Do you want more users to see your Stories? Buy Instagram Story views to get on the Explore page, generate more views organically, and let your Stories be seen. Try Story views today for less than your favorite coffee.

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Buy Instagram Story views from unique male and female users with different IPs and devices.

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With InstaViral you can get Instagram Story views for all Stories or only for the most recent one.

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We offer discounts to all our customers regardless of season, priority, or the size of the purchase.

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Choose a suitable package below. More options are available on the product page.

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Buying Instagram Story Views Matter

There are people who know how the Stories algorithm works and why influencers buy Instagram Story views. Yet many more who wonder if Story views matter and want more insights to decide. 

🔴   The Stories algorithm will suggest your Stories to more people based on who watches them. 
🔴   Getting anyone to view your Story is challenging for new accounts with low engagement and few followers.
🔴   Unlike Reels, one of Instagram's most recent features, Stories are well known and watched by over 500 million users daily
🔴   Stories help you get on the Explore page, improve reputation and finally, reach more viewers and leads. 
🔴   It is a shortcut to Instagram visibility for regular users of Instagram caught up in the dead circle of no views and engagement. 
🔴   Depending on where you buy Story views it can be an easy and safe way to boost views and impressions.
🔴  Your products and services can instantly get noticed by 25% of Millennials and Gen Z who use Stories to find new brands, influencers, and products to follow and shop.
🔴  Massive number of Story views can help you get more brand sponsorships and make money on Instagram. This is because Stories views and likes are major indicators of influencer's popularity and engagement due to their temporary nature.

What You Get with InstaViral

Choosing the website to buy Story views is not an easy decision to make. On the one hand, Story views give visibility. On the other hand, they may cause algorithm suspicion, shadowban, or an account being hijacked. Cannot decide how to choose the provider? Here is what you get with InstaViral.

1.  Real and safe Ig Story viewers (profiles are checked manually before adding to the user base). 
2.  No need for a password, detailed personal information, account login credentials, etc. 
3.  Streamlined ordering, processing, and quick delivery. Multiple orders simultaneously handled.
4.  Dedicated support manager for all your possible questions and delivery management.
5.  Discounts for both new and returning customers any time they buy Instagram Story views.
6.  Custom packages for every budget and need with no subscriptions required or set fees.
7.  Guaranteed delivery with no drops, underdelivery, or orders on holt (guaranteed refill if necessary).
8.  100% confidential orders and private identities. We will not disclose, sell, or misuse customer data.

Regardless of where you want to buy Instagram Story views make sure your privacy is protected by Privacy Policy and no extra details requested. Also, it is best if you can set how many Insta Story views you need yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get banned or suspended 
for buying Story views?

It depends on where you buy Instagram Story views, profile activity, order size, ways of delivery, and pricing. Much as we want to buy Story views cheap, only Ig viewer bot is cheap. A great deal of fake views all at once can cause algorithm suspicion. This does not necessarily result in ban, but you can get shadowbanned, when new posts are not visible to other viewers and thus, your Instagram engagement will drop. On every step of the purchase, InstaViral ensures your account is safe. 

How do you get views on your
 Instagram Stories? 

There are multiple ways to increase Instagram Story views, yet a few worth specific mention.  
* Try Boomerang post with looping Gifs if you haven't yet. Along with regular photo and video Stories, Boomerang is one of the most commonly used types.
* Reach maximum interaction using all sorts of stickers, emoji sliders, polls, and questions, and of course, do not forget about giveaways, discounts, Stories Ads, etc. 
* Use DM groups feature to distribute your Ig Stories via direct messages to select people and get more Instagram Story views.

Can I buy Instagram Story 
views with PayPal?

Sure. Use whatever payment method you prefer to buy Instagram Story views - PayPal, all major credit/.debit cards, and cryptocurrency. Payment processors we work with also accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Besides wide use of PayPal transactions some countries do not support the system. If PayPal is not available in your country, you can choose cards or crypto on the Checkout page, or switch between the payment methods each time you place an order with InstaViral.

When will I get Instagram 
Story views after I order?

It may take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to process your order, and the delivery follows right after. Fast delivery is in our best interest and we waste no time. Processing and delivery is automated on InstaViral, but our social media managers monitor the speed and completion and adjust delivery settings accordingly to keep profiles safe. Note, make sure your account is set public otherwise we may not be able to locate your account and complicate the delivery.

Why should I buy Ig Story 
viewers from InstaViral?

Besides getting more reach through unique Story viewers, InstaViral services are safe and affordable. Whether you buy Instagram views, likes, comments, or followers your order details are safely encrypted and we guarantee 100% anonymity to all Instagram users and businesses. We never disclose customer identities without permission or sell sensitive data to third parties as our business depends on that reputation and trust. Better yet, any user of Instagram can afford our services with custom discounts on all orders.

How do Instagram 
Story views work?

Once you buy Story views Instagram suggests your Story to more users. This improves your Instagram reach, the number of unique users who viewed the Story. You should see changes under "Insights" of your account menu (hamburger icon on your right on the Instagram profile page). To deliver the views ordered for a Story, InstaViral promotes the user to a large user base via the network of partnered users, forums, and other websites. This ensures you get Instagram Story views mixed gender with unique IPs and devices.

What our customers says

Over 2k photographers, graphic designers and artists, Instagram models and business owners, life coaches, musicians and bloggers choose InstaViral to grow their Insta profiles. 


Multiplications are best feature of Instaviral! I got 3X more views cuz I had 3 Stories, and they did not split up the views count for 3????!!!!!! It's so damn cool! 200% vote FOR


I'm a frequenter at InstaViral and tried all views, likes, and rest. So I feel entitled to suggest you look no further. Although it is my personal choice and yours can be different.

Mike Sabio

Never thought Story views can be bought in minutes. 5 stars for your service

S. J.

Delivery is smooth, ordering simple, and support awesome. Hope the results will be too.


I love how the views are distributed to all Stories for a little boost to all of them :D.


Just checked analytics and saw new users viewing my Stories. Looks like views work

    Multiplications are best feature of Instaviral! I got 3X more views cuz I had 3 Stories, and they did not split up the views count for 3????!!!!!! It's so damn cool! 200% vote FOR
  •  @coreyoncloud9

    I'm a frequenter at InstaViral and tried all views, likes, and rest. So I feel entitled to suggest you look no further. Although it is my personal choice and yours can be different.
  • Mike Sabio

    Never thought Story views can be bought in minutes. 5 stars for your service
  • S. J.

    Delivery is smooth, ordering simple, and support awesome. Hope the results will be too.
  • Marshmallow

    I love how the views are distributed to all Stories for a little boost to all of them :D.
  • thingummy 

    Insta comments and hearts were a real booster for my Ig. I had more followers in 1 week than I have ever had be4.

Should you buy Instagram Story views?

Still wondering whether you should buy Instagram Story views, and what Instagram Story views are? Let's look into the buying Ig views practice and who may need our services.
Instagram Story views
counted immediately on-click (when a video starts to play) 

What are Instagram Story views?

Let's start with the basics. Instagram Story views are the number of watches on a particular Story. Unlike Instagram video views, Story views are counted differently. While Instagram video view is only counted when a user watches for 3 seconds or more, Story views are counted when the user clicks to play. If the Stories algorithm is that simple, it might have been easy to gain views, right?

Apparently, not for everyone. Roughly, 5% of all Stories uploaded will have less than 1000 views. Buying Instagram Story views improves its visibility and let's you gain new views quicker. And because Stories are all about engagement, the overall number of comments and likes, profile visits, reach and impressions is also likely to increase.

Can you buy instagram Story views?

Yes. Just like Instagram video views, IGTV views, Reels views and likes, Story views can be bought. There are two major types of Story views: real and cheap bot views (mostly bought from mass viewing services). Real Story views should come from different countries, IPs, devices, and vary in quantity from Story to Story. 

It usually works intermittently when the views appear fast but slow down and take breaks in between. Bot generated Story views, on the other hand, will all come in one go regardless of the amount you purchased. In large quantities such views do more harm than good. 👇 Below is the detailed comparison between Instagram mass Story viewing and InstaViral.

Is buying Instagram Story views safe?

It is safe when you buy Instagram Story views in different amounts and test the delivery speed while the order is being delivered. This is especially true for accounts with little engagement and activity who want to get the maximum views in minimum time.
If you don't want to get a shadowban, see your content removed, or account suspended, think twice before you buy views for any posts on Instagram. Keeping multiple factors in mind is a good idea.

🔴 The size of the package. We suggest you first buy the lowest amount possible and then, increase it over time. This gives you an idea of how Instagram Story views work for you and whether or not you are satisfied with the provider.
🔴 Ways of delivery. Unless you know someone who buys views for their Stories it is hard to tell if a website uses natural ways of delivery. Sometimes the only thing that suggests the service is fake is if the ordered views come in one go (which is suspicious).
🔴 Cheap pricing and poor support. Unlike the other two, these are indirect indicators of viewer bots used instead of a real user and questionable service.

Instagram mass Story viewing vs InstaViral

Till now you may have learned what to look for when buying Instagram Story views, but why choose InstaViral? There are a few questions answered that will help you better understand how Instagram viewer bots work and how we are different. 
Mass Story viewing
on Instagram is bot software used to view 100 Stories or more

What is Instagram mass Story viewing

Instagram mass Story viewing (also known as mass looking) is a way of Instagram promotion which uses a software to view Stories in bulk. Mass Story viewing allows to generate dozens of thousands of Story views in a matter of minutes, which significantly reduces the cost of the service. As a result, mass Story viewing is cheaper and may look more attractive than all other options. 

The real threat, however, is not in the pricing, but in the way Instagram Story mass viewing works. To get all those Story views you would have to provide your login credentials for a bot which will then view Stories on your behalf. In return, users whose Stories you have viewed may want to check your profile and posts. Without the full access to your account, Instagram viewer bot would have been ideal to increase Instagram Story views. With the increased number of identity theft and accounts being hacked, Instagram mass Story viewing is not a safe choice to make.

What is InstaViral and how is it different?

InstaViral is a full-service Instagram promotion website where you can buy Instagram Story views and likes, and more. Want to know how we are different from other providers? These are a few features other customers like about InstaViral:
1. Custom ordering. Via InstaViral, you can buy Instagram Story views only, or add profile followers, order comments, views, and likes to other posts, and more. All while adjusting the quantity according to your budget and needs. 
2.  Discounts 24/7. Remember how we are all hooked by the "limited time offers"? InstaViral puts no pressure on you. Get any order discounted whenever you really need.
3.  10 times the number of Stories. Do you have more than one Story to get views on? Simply leave the username and we will deliver the number of views to all Stories at no additional cost on your side. 
4. Zero risk of suspension or ban. Be it delivery speed, account safety, or personal data protection InstaViral ensures you stay safe.
5. Anonymous orders. Buying Insta Story views you can be sure we never reveal the customer's name, username, order details, or sell sensitive data to third parties. Orders are 100% anonymous at InstaViral.

What should I know before ordering Story views?

🔴   No matter what service you choose or where you buy views for Stories, you should know that views will disappear when 24 hours have passed (just like the Stories themselves). 
🔴   The maximum amount suggested for new accounts, especially if you have been less active in the past 30 days), is 1000 - 2000 views. More established accounts can have more at no risk.
🔴   Be careful with how fast the views will appear on your Stories. Not always instant delivery is best for your profile. 
🔴   Story views are worth ordering only as part of the overall Instagram marketing strategy as a way to instantly boost Story's visibility and reach more viewers. While effective enhancements to engage viewers, there is no magical number of Story views that makes you a star overnight. That said, they will help you grow the overall profile engagement rate, which is key to marketing on Instagram.

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