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Why should I buy followers on Instagram?

With its 1 billion users(2020) Instagram is a little overcrowded. No followers and low Instagram engagement slows down the growth of a personal brand or a business on Instagram. These are the reasons why buying Instagram followers makes sense.

Profile Visibility

As is explained by the platform itself, the old system of chronological ranking of 2016 was replaced by the "best-comes-first" algorithm, which favors popular creators. Buying real Instagram followers consistently can help you game the algorithm and place your content on the Explore page. As a result of increased visibility even more viewers are likely to interact with your posts and follow your profile.

Audience Trust

Again with countless users on Instagram, it is difficult to find real influencers with authentic and interesting content. Rather than checking on posts themselves, many people trust others' opinions living by the rule that "many followers cannot be wrong". Having thousands of users following you instantly elevates you making it more likely for a viewer to follow, comment, or like your Instagram page.

Organic Followers

Organic growth in followers count is one of the pros of buying Instagram followers. Because real followers are users with certain interests and, in many cases, with followers of their own, it is easier to grow a profile when you buy Instagram followers. That said, keep up uploading first-rate images, putting up the best Instagram captions, experimenting with hashtags, while buying Instagram likes, views to boost engagement.

Future Investment

Dream of becoming an Instagram influencer? Want to grow your business on Instagram? Buy real Instagram followers as investment into your future. Practice shows that accounts with over 10k followers have 40% more chances of attracting viewers to their posts compared to those who have less. Add a few post likes and views to boost profile engagement and outsmart the Instagram algorithm. Get started here.

Time Saving Method

With the right strategy, and consistency anyone can get 100 Instagram followers, then double, triple, and quadruple it without buying Instagram followers. But when you purchase Ig followers you have more time to focus on posts without worrying much about the followers count. This is especially true for busy entrepreneurs who want to kickstart Instagram presence and quickly build a reputable profile.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers? 

Depends on the provider, the number of followers you buy and the number of existing followers, the price, and the delivery method and speed. Let's zoom in on them to see if it is safe to buy followers on Instagram, and what to keep notice of.

Websites to Buy Instagram Followers. There are many websites claiming to be the best or the "#1 website for Instagram services" who back off when it comes to support or followers quality. The real provider puts customers first, responding to all the questions they might have about the service and orders they made. They do not vaguely respond to your questions, and offer no-charge refills to guarantee high quality followers, likes, or views.

How Many Insta Followers You Buy. Of course you can buy Instagram followers in large quantities, but should you? After all, it is not the number of followers but consistency which drives popularity on Instagram. The average user is unlikely to get 5k followers overnight, right? This is true for newer accounts with few posts and low engagement. 100-500 followers a week would appeal to Instagram algorithm more than 1k at once.

How Many Ig Followers You Have. If your account is new,or you've been less active on Instagram in the past month, you may see changes in followers count. Even when you buy real Instagram followers some will unfollow you. Check followers count before ordering. If you have 100 Instagram followers or less, 100 to 300 followers would be safer to buy. Buying Instagram likes for new posts would also make a profile look organic.

How Much You Pay for Followers. Whether it is safe to buy account follows also depends on how much you pay for Instagram followers. Much as we want it, you cannot buy Instagram followers cheap. Real followers need an incentive to follow (often, financial rewards). In most cases, cheap followers Instagram are generated bots that can potentially be unsafe to buy. Purchasing them may result in account suspended or hacked.

Delivery Methods and Its Speed. On bigger orders of 5k followers or more it is best if the service offers a drip feed delivery, when the followers are distributed in equal amounts over some time and do not come at once. You can get instant followers but this can cause algorithm suspicion. All orders on InstaViral are delivered in batches to look organic and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy 
Instagram followers?

It depends on where you get followers from, the payment system, the ways of delivery, and its speed. InstaViral customer data is end-to-end encrypted making it safe to browse services, and provide details safely. Payments go through a secure gateway, and the delivery speed is determined based on account activity, age, etc.

When will I see Ig 
followers on my profile?

Once you pay for Instagram followers, and  the transaction shows up in the system, we automatically process your order. 5-60 mins after it is processed, the delivery starts. If no technical issues are found on both ends, and payment went through the system, Instagram followers will be delivered in a few hours. For your account safety, bigger orders of 1k followers or more are distributed in smaller batches and thus, may be slower on the delivery.

Do you offer any 
discounts to buy Ig followers?

Yes, our system allows discounts on all orders however small they are. With InstaViral, anyone can get instant followers with up to 50% discount. No seasonal sales or countdowns to push you to buy our services. Come, browse services, compare prices, contact support, and buy with discounts any time you want.

Will anyone know if I
 buy followers on Instagram?

No. We respect customer privacy and understand that buying Instagram followers, likes, views, auto likes, or comments is sensitive information meant to be kept private. No identities, order or payment details are disclosed or sold to third parties. You have our word. Read Terms of Service for more details.

Where can I buy legit 
Instagram followers?

The site which claims to sell legit Instagram followers will have a credible profile, responsive customer support, and refill guarantee. InstaViral is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers risk-free. With no password or URLs it takes minutes to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, or views. Type in username. Let us find your profile. Choose the number of followers. Add a few likes to select posts, or skip it and complete the checkout. 

How to pay for 
followers I order?

For ease of use and ordering, InstaViral accepts all major cards (AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, etc.), PayPal, and cryptocurrency. Pay whichever method suits you best. You can buy Instagram followers with PayPal, or a credit card with the billing data safely encrypted end-to-end. All major crypto coins like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, etc.

What our customers says

Over 2k photographers, graphic designers and artists, Instagram models and business owners, life coaches, musicians and bloggers choose InstaViral to grow their Insta profiles. 

May S

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Hard to get how you send followers, but those 1k are on my profile. Thank you.


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Nice tool, I see you work on UX. Took me less than a minute to buy fans. 

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My followers tripled and more views and likes than ever before. You saved the day! 

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Like how smooth followers came in. Special thanks for making them affordable. 


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Alissa J. Millard

“Our company profile has tripled in size which has a positive influence on reputation, and we see more customers following us on Instagram. I think this partnership is long-term”
  •  May S.

    makeup artist
    Hard to get how you send followers, but those 1k are on my profile. Thank you.
  • Mozes

    Creative Solutions
    Nice tool, I see you work on UX. Took me less than a minute to buy fans. 
  • Audrey Spielberg

    Instagram user 
    My followers tripled and more views and likes than ever before. You saved the day! 
  • Alex Raw

    Like how smooth followers came in. Special thanks for making them affordable. 
  • @marcheloskey

    “I really like the speed followers come in. As if a few people discover your profile, then share to a few friends, and then, unexpectedly an algorithm decided to give profile a bump ha-ha”
  • Alissa J. Millard

    “Our company profile has tripled in size which has a positive influence on reputation, and we see more customers following us on Instagram. I think this partnership is long-term”

How to get real followers on Instagram?

While you can buy followers on Instagram, there are ways to attract more followers to your profile without reaching out to your pocket. These are the ways to grow your following organically. Try if you haven't already.
1.Create and use a branded hashtag that uniquely describes your business or the expertise (or perhaps, both).
2. Do a better research on Instagram caption ideas. While images and videos should wow, captions serve to get your message. 
3. Find and join conversations like #photooftheday or #nofilter, comment on other posts. Show your character, thoughts, and ideas.
4. Play around with Instagram bio, profile image, and any links you add to your bio. Add information that reflects seasonal changes, special offers, etc.
5. Longer captions can boost viewer's engagement and make them likely to follow you. 
6. Be consistent with uploads. If being consistent means less posts and better research, go for it. Don't spam by uploading multiple times a day posts that do not show much thought.
7. Think of other profiles in your niche that your audience may be following. Take a good look at what and how they post. 
8. Reach out to other influencers asking for advice, or commenting on their posts. Do not ask to support or follow you - no one likes that. 
9. Cross - promote your Instagram posts on other platforms. Think of repurposing content creating a short video from carousel posts, for example.
10. Use filters, effects, and third-party photo editors to make your posts stand out.
11. Follow other profiles and ask #follow4follow. But be real, you cannot play the follow/unfollow game and keep all your followers without following others. 
12. Buy Instagram followers to save time and focus more on post creation. InstaViral of fers flexible discounts, responsive support 24/7, automatic processing, and fast organic delivery. Get started here.
Under 100k followers
$300 - $1k
100k - 250k followers
$800 - $2k
Over 250k followers

How many Instagram followers to make money?

As practice shows, the number of profile followers is critical to making money on Instagram. That said, micro influencers with under 100k followers get the most brand sponsorship offers. This is because of the reasonable fees (which are in the $300 - $1000 range) and, typically, higher engagement rate. 

Unlike the macro influencers (250k followers and more) who charge hefty commissions with less ROI, micro influencers have a more loyal fanbase eager to try what the influencer suggests. All in all, you have to get 10k followers on Instagram (and more) before reaching out to brands and offering shoutouts. 

Other than followers number, the number of post likes, views, and comments is also important to make money as an Instagram influencer. Don't know how much your account is worth? Estimate potential earnings with Instagram money calculator.

Who has the most Instagram followers?

Instagram - 389 M+ followers

Christiano Ronaldo - 271 M+ followers

Ariana Grande - 227 M+ followers

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) - 224 M+ followers

Kylie Jenner - 222 M+ followers

Selena Gomez 217 million followers

Kim Kardashian West - 211 M+ followers

Leo Messi - 192 M+ followers

Beyonce - 170 M+ followers

Justin Bieber - 167 M+ followers

Instagram Growth Service vs InstaViral 

Instagram growth service is the service which emulates your activity on Instagram through liking, commenting, and following other users on your behalf. In short, it is a platform designed to engage with your audience and thus, grow your following and reputation. Some of them ask to connect your account to their system, others don't. Many of them operate on a monthly subscription basis, and charge heavy fees for the service. Here's how InstaViral is different.


InstaViral does not ask to connect to yourInstagram account, provide a login or password.

No subscription plans or commitment.

Affordable pricing with year-round discounts storewide. Starts from $0.25

Clean user dashboard with order history and their statuses.

Quick and easy ordering tool with no post or profile URL links or lengthy signups.

VIP support for all users and customers with no exceptions.

Automated processing and delivery system with agent assistance 24/7

With InstaViral you buy Instagram followers, views, likes, or comments in custom amounts (from 50 to 1 M)

Guaranteed 30-day refill for Instagram followers, likes, and views (if any drops occur).

Growth Service

In many cases, growth service asks for access to your Insta profile.

Usually has monthly subscription plans.

High subscription fees and seasonal discounts on select services. Starts from 

Bulky software with all time details that overloads with statistics 

Oftentimes require registration, URL links to posts and user profile access.

Priority support for premium subscribers and VIP clients.

Fully automated with little or no human intervention

Instagram growth services have a set number of followers, likes, and views on every plan.

No refills are available, but you can cancel a monthly subscription.

How Instagram growth services work?

A typical Instagram growth service asks users to sign up for an account first. Then, it records the initial amounts of followers, likes, and views and sends a negotiated amount of followers or likes over a month. Once the monthly subscription is renewed the delivery will continue. The downside of this is that it is hard to see if the followers simply dropped or were underdelivered.

Some growth services, however, promise more than just likes or fans. Accessing Instagram on your 
behalf they follow other accounts, like their posts, and post comments just like you would do. 
Many users question the reliability of such service since no one wants to share profile login details with strangers. There is always a risk of hacked accounts and stolen identities. Another concern is where the negotiated followers come from. Many of the growth services claim to use AI to find profiles ready to follow creators, but are they? 

Are Instagram growth services worth your money?

All said, Instagram growth services are convenient to use and save you time and effort. Still, depending on the service, shelling out a few hundreds a month on Instagram alone, may not be a smart move. InstaViral offers best value packages with a $50% discount and no additional fees at any time you want. 

No payment down or subscription plans, and thus, no cancelling hussle. Also, buying Instagram followers on InstaViral is no commitment. Unlike the hefty monthly subscriptions, one-time orders are easier to track the delivery and completion, and hold the provider accountable for.
Safe accounts
Is Up
More Viewers

How does buying Instagram followers work?

Wondering why buy Instagram followers, and how it may affect your profile? Fear no, InstaViral supplies verified accounts which have been checked manually before the delivery. Legit Instagram followers are 100% safe and do not put your account at risk. 

Buying real followers has only positive effects boosting your credibility and attracting new viewers to your content. Once they appear on your account, you will see slight changes in the number of post and profile views, likes, and possibly, the number of followers. This is because the algorithm starts promoting your account as suggested, and more people are convinced by profile reputation. This is a so-called "social proof" phenomenon when people are likely to be influenced by the opinion of others. But followers are not just for numbers, right?

While followers are being incentivised to follow certain profiles, they may interact with your posts if they are relevant to them and their interests. Thus, besides building your reputation and trust, the followers you get may also contribute to the overall profile growth from the long term perspective.

Pros and cons of buying Instagram followers?

There are both pros and cons to consider when deciding to buy Instagram followers.
You build reputation as an influencer or popular brand;
More people are likely to follow and interact with your posts;
New followers may interact with your posts and profile;
Niche brands start noticing your profile and consider buying shoutouts;
You can start selling your own products or services;
The Instagram algorithm suggests your profile for new users;
You get 10k followers X-times faster than other accounts gained in years;
More time is left for researching Instagram post and caption ideas;
There is less stress and more confidence in how you feel about yourself.
Unknown providers with tempting offers oftentimes turn scammers;
Providing the password or login data may result in being hacked;
Large quantities of followers do not look organic and can result in shadowban;
You can easily overspend.

Grow account on Instagram

Want more Ig followers, post likes and video views? InstaViral is here to help you promote Insta profile, reach more people on Instagram, boost following and engagement, and grow influencer earnings and revenue.  Try today for tomorrow to be different.
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