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Hello! Are you wondering how to download a video from Instagram? Let InstaVIral do the job for you. Our Instagram video downloader can save any video post to your device in just a few clicks.

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Why InstaViral Video Downloader

InstaViral is a premium growth service for businesses, bloggers, and influencers of different age, location, and needs with paid Instagram promotion services and free tools. Want to see what makes InstaViral video downloader stand out?

No Payment Required

Go ahead and use Instagram video downloader to get up to 10 free videos/day. No paid plans. 

Video In Original Format

Unlike similar tools, we allow users to download videos from Instagram without file compression.

No Watermarks 

Because InstaViral video downloader is free, we do not watermark a video you are downloading.

No Registration Asked

Since we do not store any data on Instagram videos or user profiles there is no need to sign up.

How To Download Instagram Videos Using InstaViral

Download Instagram videos in just a few clicks without registration or payment. You do not have to install any software on your device, watch ads, or complete surveys. Download and save Instagram video on mobile or PC.

Enter the Ig username

No need for a video URL link, only the username. Type into the search bar or copy-paste from profile.

Select an Instagram video

Choose a video you want to download from Instagram. If you cannot see it, click "Back" and enter URL.

Download to PC/mobile

Click "Download" to save Instagram video to a local device (your smartphone/ tablet/PC, whichever used).

Download Instagram Videos - Any Time, Anywhere 

#1 Download Boomerang videos

Using Insta video downloader from InstaViral you can save best Boomerang videos to your local device. Boomerang video is a series of photos taken through a special Boomerang video app which stitches those photos together in a high quality mini video that plays back and forth. If haven't tried yet, you definitely should.

The most common reasons for downloading Boomerang videos or creating your own among the users of our Instagram video downloader are:

* Save a fun moment from another video;

* Just to try a Boomerang format;

* Save and send to a friend;

* Download Boomerang for inspiration;

#2 Download In-Feed video posts

In-Feed Instagram videos are mostly from creators we are following or have the connection to, and rarely come at random. Thus, there is always something interesting, inspiring, educational, and hilarious in those videos. Although you can reach out to a creator directly and ask to send you a video you liked, it is easier to use Instagram video downloader for that purpose without waiting for a favor.

Wondering how to get an Instagram link to a certain post appearing in your feed? No worries, no URL link is needed, InstaViral can find the posts via a username. Then, select posts, and tap download.

#3 Download Instagram videos from your Ig profile

Ig video downloader from InstaViral can help you save your own videos from Instagram profile in case you want to store them locally. Storing all videos uploaded by a group of friends(including you) in one folder without asking everyone specifically is easier with Instagram downloader.

The 4 common reasons why people use InstaViral downloader to save their own videos are:

* Initial videos are lost or deleted from device;

* The initial file is damaged and cannot be restored;

* A copy of Instagram video is saved locally before deleting a post;

* Just to see if video downloader actually works;

#4 Download videos from other Instagram creators

It seems obvious with users downloading Insta videos from favourite creators, right? Some of them will later upload to a fan page or collect as inspiration for their own video posts. Not always downloaded videos are used fairly. That said, using an Instagram video tagging the original creator and adding a relevant hashtag is quite legal and can actually help new creators boost post views and profile visits.

Illegal use, on the other hand, is when a great tool like Instagram video downloader is used for not so great purposes. InstaViral does not support users who download Instagram videos to upload as their own without adding anything themselves or attributing the original video.

What You Get Using Instagram
Video Downloader

Any device

Our Instagram video downloader can be accessed on PC, mobile, or tablet. It is run in iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, Linux.

Easy to use

Download Ig videos from favorite creators in just a few clicks. You don't have to sign up or complete any tasks.

Fast speed

Thanks to our new servers and other improvements, InstaViral is able to download longer videos in seconds.  

Free for all

InstaViral is the only Ig downloader with no paid subscription plans (and no upgrades), no registration, survey, etc.

Fully online

 You do not have to download and install any software on your PC/mobile. Just enter the username, select a video, and download.

Best quality

 Save Instagram video in HD. InstaViral does not compress any video and allows downloads in original formats.

Legit & safe

 Our Instagram video downloader supports only fair use of videos taken from other accounts. We use malware protection to keep you safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What videos can 
I download from Instagram?

As mentioned earlier, you can download Instagram videos in any format or length. It can be Boomerang videos, Stories, Reels, or IGTV videos. InstaViral is a rich resource of free Ig downloaders for all needs. Try our Instagram Story downloader,  to get up to 3 videos anytime you need to save a video from Instagram.

How does Instagram 
video downloader work?

Using Instagram video downloader you enter the Instagram username and InstaViral does the rest. The software completes a user search and once you confirm it is the exact account you need, you will see the last 9 posts and can choose a video. Then, hit the "Download" button, and you are done. Note, you can download multiple videos in one go. 

How long does it take to
 download ig videos?

Typically, it takes roughly 10-30 seconds to download Instagram video. Although the speed depends on multiple technical aspects of video as quality, bitrate, frames per second, video length, etc. Usually it will not exceed 1-2 minutes for a standard video even at peak times. If it happens, try to refresh your page and try  to download a few minutes later. 

Is it safe to use 
Instagram video downloader?

InstaViral downloader is 100% safe because no password or account access is asked. Our website is also SSL secured and provides secure access to all its visitors. Besides, no sensitive data is asked and no profiles are stored on our servers thus making both downloading Instagram videos and buying Instagram views or likes
completely risk-free.

Can I also download
 Stories using this tool?

We have a separate tool for that - Instagram Story downloader, which you can check if the video you want to download is a Story. In addition, there are other tools like Instagram photo downloader and Instagram hashtag generator to help you make most of Instagram. This Insta downloader is for all other Feed videos in the most common MP4 format.

Free Instagram downloader?
 What's the catch?

This Ig video downloader is 100% free with no catch. As a full-service Instagram marketing service, InstaViral's mission is to provide free and practical tools for active Instagram users, which can easily be accessed online without any app installs or registration. Free Instagram tools we have on our website serve only as complementary to paid promotion services.  

InstaViral video downloader in numbers

Want to get some statistics before you download video from Instagram using this tool? We can't be more proud to share the milestones.

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