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Hi there! Do you want to find relevant hashtags for Instagram? Use our Instagram hashtag generator free with no annoying upgrade requests. No need to download or install any software.

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Why Our Instagram Hashtag Generator

InstaViral is one of the best Instagram services for engagement and organic growth with users from over 50 countries. As a full-scale growth service, InstaViral provides free Instagram tools alongside other paid services. 
Here's why over 5k creators use InstaViral hashtag generator daily.

Free Hashtags Generator

Unlike other generators we do not ask for upgrades or fees. You find relevant Instagram hashtags for free.

No Registration Required

Because no user data is stored on our servers, we do not require sign-ups or email addresses to use our tool.

Only Top Ig Posts Analysed

To ensure better reach, AI-powered algorithm we use filters hashtags by popularity of posts in a specific niche.

Hashtag Finder

An AI-based approach ensures Instagram hashtag generator displays the most relevant Instagram hashtags.   

How To Use Instagram Hashtag Generator 

Instagram hashtag generator from InstaViral can help you find up to 30 hashtags relevant to your niche and post. Get started in just a few clicks. After all with no fees, surveys, or ads to watch, what have you got to lose?
No need to register or provide Instagram details or email address.

Enter the base keyword

Usually, a base keyword is an instagram niche or main idea of the post like "women fashion" or "keto recipes" Type into the search 1-3 base keywords separated by comma and hit "Search Hashtags".

Select all to clipboard

From the list of Instagram hashtags, you can choose all hashtags by clicking the button. Full hashtag statistic is shown to the first 3 hashtags. Selected Instagram hashtags are copied to your clipboard.

Paste hashtags on Instagram

Open the Instagram app and log into your account. Create a post, write caption, and add the copied Instagram hashtags into post description, or as a creator's comment under your post.

Instagram Hashtag Research - Analyze, Find, Copy-Paste

#1 Analyze popular posts and profiles

Instagram is a highly social and demanding platform where users post high quality images and videos multiple times a day to boost visibility and grow profiles organically. As one of the other 500 million daily users creating posts on Instagram, you will need a little more than just eye-catching photos or fun videos. You may have already noticed top performing posts repeatedly using certain hashtags. The most skilled influencers will have a balanced mix of trending, generic, branded, and post-specific Instagram hashtags.

The best strategy before you use any Instagram hashtag generator is to go over the top 5 profiles to analyze the average number of hashtags per post, and how often a certain hashtag is used.

#2 Find popular hashtags in your niche

And by popular we mean the hashtags that appear on more than 100k posts in your niche. How do you know that? While scrolling through posts, tap on the hashtags that interest you to see a relevant page, or search for a particular hashtag through the Search than inside the Instagram app. You should be able to see the number of posts that use the same hashtag. On Instagram more posts using a hashtag mean more people searching for that keyword and thus, more views, and possibly likes and comments.

When finding the hashtags which best describe your post and content you upload in general, be sure to add them. A simpler way is to use the Instagram hashtag generator which does it for you.

#3 Copy relevant hashtags to clipboard

Using Instagram hashtag finder from InstaViral, you get popular hashtags matching the base keyword you have entered into the search with no second wasted. Then, you have two options: to copy all of the hashtags or choose the ones you think are the best fit for your post. To copy those hashtags to your clipboard you have to click the Copy All button. Also, you can see stats for the first 3 hashtags to give you a better idea how they are analyzed by the tool.

Because the hashtag generator is still a software and not a human mind no matter how advanced it is, you may find that not all 30 keywords suit your post. Thus, you may need to copy manually.

#4 Paste hashtags on Instagram posts

Once the hashtags have been selected and copied to your clipboard, the only thing left is to paste them under the post you are publishing. You can either add the hashtags in the captions together with post description(for better reach we suggest you have one), or in the comments field. If you are pasting in the post description field, you could add a little space between the caption and the hashtags adding dots on new lines. This keeps the captions klean and the hashtags readable.

If you think it's all set, there is more work ahead.Check back on post stats in Instagram Insights. For this, tap "View insights" under a post and scroll to "Impressions". You will see how many times people saw your post through the hashtags. This will help you find the top performing hashtags specifically for your type of content. And, if you want to try new hashtags, InstaViral is happy to serve. Note, you must enter a slightly different tag to get different results.

What You Get Using Instagram
Hashtag Generator

Base-match hashtags

When you enter the base keyword like "pool", you get the hashtags matching your base keyword. The output will include the top 30 most popular hashtags like "#poolparty", "#poolday", "#swimmingpool", etc. which directly match the base tag you have entered, and thus, are most relevant.

One-click copy

Instead of copying hashtag after hashtag you can select all automatically by clicking on the "Select All" button under the hashtag field on your right. This copies them to your clipboard.

Up to 30 hashtags in 2 secs

While for a human analyzing popular posts and making the list of 30 popular hashtags it may take hours(or days), intelligent software could find all the matching hashtags in 2 seconds or less.

No paid subscriptions

You do not have to pay a cent for using Instagram hashtag generator. The output is visible in full with no requests to upgrade to see the rest of hashtags. No ads or surveys are asked to complete.

Work on all devices

InstaViral hashtag generator supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS. Use our Instagram hashtag tool on PC, tablet, or mobile, and it won't get any difficult to quickly get Instagram tags.

Stats for top hashtags

Instagram hashtag generator shows detailed statistics for the top 3 popular hashtags matching your base keyword. Besides the total and average number of posts per hour using that hashtag, you will see the average number of likes and comments per top posts, and the lowest number of likes per post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the best
 hashtag generator?

From post schedulers to hashtag tools, many tools for Instagram creators are offered as freemium (free with further plan upgrades). InstaViral develops the only free Instagram hashtag generator which shows all matching hashtags. The best hashtag generator works on all devices, does not need any installs, and is 100% safe.

How many tags will instagram 
hashtag tool find?

As said above, Instagram tag generator will bring up to 30 hashtags which include the base keyword you have entered into the search field. In some cases, when the keyword is misspelled or extremely rare you will see less than 30 Instagram hashtags. Those hashtags are scraped from the top posts and not randomly generated.

How do I know if a 
hashtag is working?

Once the post is published, you can track the performance of hashtags in Instagram Insights. Note, you must have a business account to access the stats. To see, click on the post to open it . Then, click "View Insights" (under the post). The number of times a post has been seen for the hashtags you used is under"Impressions".

How does an Instagram
 hashtag generator work?

Entering a base keyword, you send a request to the system to find a match to your base keyword analyzing the top posts with most likes and comments. This ensures you get the most relevant and high-performing hashtags. The output will display up to 30 hashtags with the top 3 shown in detail. Copy-paste the hashtags and you are done.

How do
 I choose a hashtag?

It depends on niche and posts. You can copy all or just top 3 hashtags, then, enter another base keyword, and we go another round of Instagram hashtag research. This gives you variety for post visibility. Note, your base tag should be relevant to the post you upload. 30 is the maximum hashtags you can have on Instagram.

How can you tell if a 
hashtag is popular?

Generally, if the hashtag is popular it will have the most number of posts using it. Our Instagram hashtag generator displays the hashtags after analysing a number of top performing posts.Without our tool, you can see how popular a hashtag is by typing it into Instagram. The number of posts appear next to a hashtag. 

InstaViral Hashtag Generator In Numbers

If you think any Instagram hashtag generator is good, you should know why we praise ourselves as the best. After all, numbers can speak.

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